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The Sanitation & Hygiene Fund, operational since July 2021, is uniquely positioned as the only UN fund dedicated to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 6.2, sanitation and hygiene. 

Our aim is to multiply and accelerate the combined effort of everyone so that capital flows are far reaching, inclusive and sustainable.

In 2022 we tested this thinking, sounded out our big ideas, listened to feedback and refined aspects of our strategy. Conversations extended to policy and decision makers, advocates, experts, government ministers and officials, and financial actors. We met people who excel at doing things differently, for example, end-to-end impact measurement, capturing social performance data, driving innovation in asset management companies, pioneering inclusive financing and those creating and managing philanthropic investment portfolios. We also identified our niche within the UN family and wider development space, seeking synergy and offering added value to work in women’s health, empowerment and entrepreneurship.